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Launching Hyacinth Podcast!

Launching Hyacinth Podcast!

I’m so excited to announce the launch of my new project: Hyacinth Podcast! It mixes scholarly research with the work of writers, artists, and artisans. Through interviews, storytelling, and original music, I try and get to the heart of big ideas that can bring us together and make our lives better.

Hyacinth goes live in September on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and where ever you listen to your most-loved podcasts. Listen to the podcast trailer and sign up to the newsletter at

And I’m celebrating with a live launch event in Halifax on August 15th presented by the Writers’ Federation of Nova Scotia. It’s free and open to the public. Details here.

New single “When It’s Time to Go” out 4.15.2019

New single “When It’s Time to Go” out 4.15.2019

“The ice she knows when it’s time to go, but I don’t…”

My new single comes out April 15th. I’ve been working on it for over a year, and actually much longer. The seed of this song began back in 2011 when I was touring on the east coast of the USA. It was early spring, and as I drove south from Maine, the snow and ice quickly disappeared, each mile tracking one more degree towards warmer weather and spring revival. I thought then about how the natural world clocks itself so closely to seasonal rhythms, how when it’s time, the ice simply goes, it doesn’t hang on. I sang a little line of lyric into my iphone voice memos that day. It would take seven years for the idea to find its home in this song, finally.

“When It’s Time to Go” was built from scratch in my home studio and my co-producer, engineer, and band, helped me translate my ideas onto a bigger canvas at The Sonic Temple Studio. Layers of piano, delayed electric guitars, and heavily fuzzed bass, make this track sound and feel like a moving glacier: heavy and slow, but absolutely unstoppable.

I’m so proud of the work we’ve made and I can’t wait for you to hear it. Check and all the places you listen to music on April 15th to hear it! The complete EP will be released later this summer.

Summer Shows in NS, NB, and PE with full band

Summer Shows in NS, NB, and PE with full band

I’m playing select shows this summer in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and PEI with my band and some good friends. If you’re nearby, we hope to see you out at the shows.

Saturday, June 9th
Lunenburg Folk Harbour Concert Series

St. John’s Anglican Church
64 Townsend Street, Lunenburg NS
Doors 6:45pm – Show 7:30pm
$25 adult | $12.50 youth (25 and under) advance

Thursday, July 5th
Makin’ Waves Music Festival

w. Ria Mae
Wentworth Park Bandshell, Sydney NS
Show starts around 7pm
Free and open to the public!

Saturday, July 21st
The Hollywood Star Room

w. Ted Simmons
1560 Route 690 Clark’s Corner, Ripples NB
Show 10:00pm
$25 adult | $12.50 youth (25 and under) advance
Tickets at the door; Info HERE

Monday, July 23rd
Trailside Inn & Cafe

w. Ted Simmons
109 Main Street, Mount Stewart PE
Doors 6:30pm | Show 8:00pm
$20 in advance

Reviews of the New Album & Interviews

Reviews of the New Album & Interviews

“Fearless, genuine, and unapologetically original”
Canadian Beats

“These new folk songs feel like old wisdoms brought forward to today, when we need them again in a bad way.”
Bob Mersereau, CBC

“Mikol’s lyrics are profound and colourful, capable of leaving a lasting impact”
The East Magazine

“Her approach allows her to tackle big concepts, while keeping the songs’ tone and content down to earth.”
Stephen Cooke, Local Xpress

Interview & Live performance at WUWM Public Radio Milwaukee:

Haven’t heard “Daughter of a Working Man” yet? Find it on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, or buy a hard copy CD here:

New Video for “Hold” & New Album now Available

New Video for “Hold” & New Album now Available


The new video for “Hold” is out today. “Hold” is a rally cry, a street march, a protest song that’s bold but understated, stubborn but kind. The folks at Abracazebra Productions got that and made a perfect video for the song. Huge gratitude for the many hours of work they put into carefully researching and sourcing archive footage for this song that only feels more and more relevant to me everyday.

Watch the video:

“Daughter of a Working Man” is now available. Here’s where you can stream & buy it:

Purchase hard copy CD’s (limited release) 

Buy digital album on iTunes, Amazon, or Bandcamp

Stream the album on Spotify or Applemusic

Preorder “Daughter of a Working Man” today

Preorder “Daughter of a Working Man” today

At long last, my new album “Daughter of a Working Man” is ready for you. Starting today, you can Preorder it at PLEDGEMUSIC.COM and get exclusive access to limited edition hardcopy CD’s and some great extras. It will be available everywhere May 1st, but when you preorder it, you get it sooner.

Made over the course of three years, in two studios, with the help of Producer, Jon Landry, a couple sound engineers, a great band, a gang of guest vocalists, and strings by the Rhapsody Quintet, “Daughter of a Working Man” is a folk record dressed up in strings, electronic effects, and textured vocals. It’s an elegy and a victory album. It faces loss with strength and resolve, but never shies away from the dark. True to the lyric-driven style of all my work, the songs on this album swing between deeply personal stories and broader issues of  social inequality and injustice.

Thank you for your support. I hope you hear the life, love, and care with which this album was created. Enjoy!

Brunch & chat: a writer’s role in dangerous times

Brunch & chat: a writer’s role in dangerous times

Amidst the madness of the impossible-to-ignore NOW, I had the pleasure of sitting down with, the East Coast’s premier brunch blog for thinking people, to chat over breakfast about the current American political climate, the complications of political action, and the benefits of turmeric;)

Check out the full post here:

Here’s a snippet:

CM: What’s interesting about it is there’s basically nothing you can read from any era in literature that doesn’t apply to right now. Because most literature is formed around the tension—class struggles, political conflict, or something. It’s what is required for every great piece of literature to happen.

D: As a writer, what do you feel your role is now?

CM: I think it was Emerson who talks about writers being people who do this unhonoured work of observing. I’ve always thought of that as a really key thing. As a writer, you observe, you filter through yourself and you write it down. And then whatever the world makes of it is out of your control. And not everyone can do that. But it’s really important that we write stuff down either to remember later or to protest or to just say, “I’m here and I’ve had this experience” and for somebody else to read it and say “I’ve had that too”.


Evergreen Theatre & Full Circle Festival

Evergreen Theatre & Full Circle Festival

Finally: spring. Find me and the band at three shows in Nova Scotia this month. We can’t wait to play for you. We’re feeling awake and alive.

Friday June 3rd
Feature performer – Avon Spirit Coffeehouse
Open mic hosted by Full Circle Festival
Avon River Heritage Museum
17 Belmont Road, Newport Landing, NS

Saturday June 11th
Evergreen Theatre
Full Band show – double bill with Gabrielle Papillon
1941 Stronach Mountain Road, Margarestville, NS)

Friday June 17 – Sunday June 19th
Ful Circle Festival 2016
Full Band and special guests
Avon River Heritage Museum
17 Belmont Road, Newport Landing, NS

New Short Story Published: Breton Books

New Short Story Published: Breton Books

My first professionally published short-story appears in a new collection from Breton Books, and I’m terrified/excited/honoured to share it with you.

You can pick up the book in stores around Cape Breton or online HERE.

The book officially launches November 24th 4pm-6pm at Sydney’s McConnell Library. The event is open to the public and will be broadcast on CBC Mainstreet Cape Breton.

Here’s a small excerpt from the story to get you started…


From And Then I Can See by Carmel Mikol

I follow behind the ambulance in my Jeep, the absurd red emergency lights smashing the trees and my windshield and the wide darkness of the rural road. We pass no other cars. It’s quiet except for when they pull over to the side of the road and I pull over too waiting to find out why and assuming it means it’s all over already and then I start crying in loud, ugly bursts that echo strangely in the car. No siren. Just the red lights.

We keep on after that though. Must have been hard getting the IV in, all the frost heaves and turns. Had to pull over to hit the vein. 

I’m not sure I remember it right.


Find the complete story HERE

Nova Scotia Music Week Showcases

Nova Scotia Music Week Showcases

The music industry takes over Yarmouth, Nova Scotia again this year for a week of music, business, and celebration. Sorry, Yarmouth.

Catch my full band showcase (it’s open to the public):
Saturday, Nov 7th @ 9:30pm-10:00pm
Rudders at 96 Water Street

5-minute Pitch (industry only)
Saturday, Nov 7th @ 9:05am
Hayley’s Lounge at the Rodd Grand