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January 12th, 2014
In the Studio

It’s every bit as secretive as it looks. It’s a dark room with a lamp, an odd collection on vintage gear, a bit of clutter, and a Baldwin piano. It’s the studio I’m working to craft my new album. For now, I’ll keep it a secret. But check back soon for lots of news on the project. Can’t wait to share it with you…

The piano room at Echo Chamber Sound in Halifax, Nova Scotia where I'm making my new record.

October 17th, 2013
Folk Music Ontario Showcases

In the middle of a cross Canada tour that can only be described as whiplash inducing (our trio has experienced 14 hour drives, seasonal allergies, new band growing pains, traffic jams, and …. three family deaths in the past three weeks), we stop for a weekend in Mississauga, Ontario where the annual Folk Music Ontario (formerly OCFF) Conference takes place. I’ll be playing showcases with Kim Wempe and some of my own solo shows.

These shows require a delegate pass and aren’t open to the public. But if you’re a buyer, agent, artist, or friend, here’s where to find me this weekend:

Friday Oct 18th
Little Acorn – Bohemian Roots
w/ Gabrielle Papillon
Room #202 Delta Hotel

Saturday Oct 19th
Kim Wempe Official FMO Showcase
Hazel McCallion Ballroom, Delta Hotel

ECMA Showcase Stage
w/ Kim Wempe, Meaghan Blanchard, Ian Foster, Gabrielle Papillon, & Molly Thomason
Hazel McCallion Ballroom, Delta Hotel

La La Land Showcase
Room #207, Delta Hotel 

More details at:

September 27th, 2013
The Cabot Trail Writers Festival – Collaboration with Otis Thomas

As part of their 5th anniversary celebration, the Cabot Trail Writers Festival invited me to write five new pieces of music in collaboration with composer and luthier Otis Thomas. The works are all based on books by various authors who’ve been featured in the festival. This project has been pure pleasure. I’m so grateful to the festival for dreaming it up.

Join us for the debut performance of this work on Friday, October 4th at the North River Hall.

Friday October 4th
North River Hall
37 Oregon Road, St. Anns

Tickets $25. Purchase here

To make these songs, I gathered a tall pile of books from authors who were part of the Writers Festival in the past five years. I took them off the shelf in no logical order and read them with no real mission. I just took them in.

Always unexpectedly, something would strike me. In the middle of a page. In the middle of a sentence. That would be it – the seed for the song. I’d keep it in my mind then, wrapped up like a little treasure you hide away in a tiny drawer. I’d wait awhile. Then, a few days or weeks later, sit down at my piano, take that little treasure out, put my mind to its tiny facets of dark and light, the way a jewel gives and takes light, and write.

I sent the writing to Otis and he sent me back tunes. Finally, we wove them together in several writing and rehearsal sessions in Otis’ workshop where he builds his instruments. Little by little, these five distinct pieces emerged. Otis is a master of many things: the massive science of carving a tree into a violin, and the gentle art of creating a composition. It’s been an honour to work with him.

We can’t wait to share these songs with you.

*Big thanks to the Cabot Trail Writers Festival and Arts Nova Scotia for supporting this project




August 13th, 2013
Tour Announcement: Maritime & Northeast USA

Hitting the old road again. This time on a quick week long tour to the USA. On the way, we’ll play a few little house concerts in the maritimes. The shows will be shared with my old friend and constant “partner in crime” Kim Wempe. You know her by now, eh?

Here’s where you’ll find us:

Terence Bay, Nova Scotia – Munson House Concert
August 30th – 6:30 PM

Carmel Mikol & Kim Wempe contact 852-5760 or to reserve your seat!

Oromocto, NB – Hazen Park Centre
August 31st – 7:30 PM

Carmel Mikol & Kim Wempe Opening: Grayce Notes Email for more info or to reserve your seat
$20 at the door
Cambridge, MA – Mary Prentiss Inn
September 1st – 7:00 PM

Carmel Mikol & Kim Wempe
$15 tickets. Reserve at 617-661-2929
Cambridge, MA – Club Passim
September 2nd - 

Campfire Festival w/ Kim Wempe
Morrisville, VT – The Bees Knees
September 4th – 7:30 PM

Carmel Mikol & Kim Wempe
Suggested $10
Easton, NH – Adams’ House Concert
September 5th – 7:00 PM

Carmel Mikol & Kim Wempe
Tickets $20
Burlington, VT – Radio Bean Cafe
September 7th – 8:00 PM to 8:45 PM

Carmel Mikol & Kim Wempe
Suggested $10

p.s. Kim’s new record ‘Coaliton’ comes out Sept 3rd! I spent a lot of time writing songs with her for this project and I’m really excited for all of you to hear it. Make sure you stop by to check out her new site, new video, and new album!

June 28th, 2013
Summer Projects: Ships of 1801 & Jubilee Songwriters Workshop

I took my first swim of the season. Jumped from the granite into the cool, soft lake. Cut through patches of sun and broke them into a thousand wet pieces, sending the light away from my arms in a luminescent wake. Summer…

This summer I don a 19th century costume to sing in a theatrical concert about early Scottish settlers to Nova Scotia, teach a songwriting workshop and host a song circle for youth at the New Glasgow Riverfront Jubilee Music Festival, and work on a variety of other (as yet) secret projects.

Here’s what I’m up to for the next month or so. I hope you have a great summer, Folks!

Ships of 1801 – Theatrical Concert

July 13th @ 7:30pm
Keating Centre, St FX Campus
150th Antigonish Highland Games
Tickets here:

July 20th @ 8:00pm
deCoste Center
85 Water Street, Pictou NS
Tickets here:

New Glasgow Riverfront Jubilee Festival

Songwriting & Performance Workshop for Youth
July 27th @ 11am-1:30pm
Pictou/Antigonish Regional Library
188 Dalhousie Street, New Glasgow NS
FREE! Register at 902-752-8233 

Songwriters Circle
w/ Dave Gunning, Cyndi Caine, and Jim Dorie
 August 3rd @ 1pm
Celtic Circle Performing Arts Centre
195 Forbes Street, New Glasgow NS
FREE! Get info at