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The Making of: 100 Acres

The Making of: 100 Acres

Here’s a sneak peek at a new song I’m working on. It fell out of me easily, so I must have been working on it somewhere deep down while I was writing emails and cooking eggs and running forest trails. I must have been writing it in my sleep. Here’s a picture of how it started in my messy notebook and where I took it after a few edits:

100 acres notebook

100 Acres | by Carmel Mikol

I had a hundred acres
Of oak and pine
Burned it to the ground to make it look like
this heart of mine

I had a wild spirit
You could tell
Broke it like a horse on a carousel

What you promise I don’t believe

Carve it like a headstone
Dig it like a grave
Feeling for a pulse like it’s something that can still be saved

But I am not a preacher
I am not a saint
I am not a spirit you can summon when your knees shake

What you promise I don’t believe

I had a hundred acres
All is lost
Now I’m just a bullet and at best I’m a long shot

What you promise I don’t believe

Writing and Pushups

Writing and Pushups

This time of year, the weight of the “last third” comes down on me. It hits me in September every year: two thirds disappeared already. I get an urgent need to write, more than usual.

All big things are built from a collection of small habits. The craft, the skill of songwriting comes in strong like a muscle when it’s used often. So every morning, I do pushups. And then I write.

I’ve also been doing a lot of collaborative sessions lately, stretching my writing muscles with the help of other artists I admire. We sit in dark rooms, around kitchen tables, in little studios, and we work away at the craft. It’s just my favourite thing…

Check out clip of a brand new song called “100 Acres” with the lovely Norma MacDonald singing harmonies on my Facebook Page HERE


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